Smokin’ Teens

The folks in India’s “Bollywood,” home to the world’s largest film industry (by output, not revenue) are up in arms over new health regulations banning smoking in films and television. The new guidelines, to take effect from 1 August, also make allowances for older movies: cigarette packs must be electronically masked, and a health message must scroll at the bottom of the screen during smoking scenes.

As India can’t enforce these requirements on imported films, they will instead require foreign exhibitors to get a special rating from the Censor Board.

Upon hearing this news, I was going to comment that our own rating system, while moronic in its own special ways, isn’t quite so extreme as to screen for something so common. Then the last DVD I watched opened with this:

This motion picture has been rated PG-13 for Violence, Sexual Content, Language, Teen Partying and Some Drug Material

So I’ll just shut up now.

2 Responses to “Smokin’ Teens”

  1. b Says:

    Coach Carter? How did someone get you to watch that?

  2. jsp Says:

    Well, the whole family’s home, and they all like basketball more than me…

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