Now Live: Movies Sidebar

Today I’m unveiling a tiny new feature that I hope will be the harbinger of good things. It’s my “Recently Watched” movies sidebar, and it shows the 10 movies I’ve seen most recently.

In order to get this simple tool to work, I had to do two things: one, convert my previous (static) list to a database, and two, create some dead-simple way for me to update it. I did both, and now it’s possible for me to add films to my complete list (which are automatically pushed to the sidebar) with a single click.

As I made that possible, I laid the groundwork for some new features. (At the moment, you can sort by decade, but that’s just the beginning.)

Of course, one thing this snazzy new tech won’t do is explain how I choose which films to watch. Even I don’t think I could explain that…

One Response to “Now Live: Movies Sidebar”

  1. b Says:

    So, how about some ratings?

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