Well, I had a variety of scenarios in my head as to how the meeting would go, and it turned out to match none of them.

I’ll update this post when I have definitive word (in about 6 hours). For now, I’m off to the Apple Store to look at shiny things.

Update [7:22p EDT]: Just heard. They passed. Chief concern: liquidity. They said they think I’m smart and the idea could make money, but they don’t think they could flip the company and get a bidding war started. Fair enough. I’m actually relieved, for reasons I may cover later. For now, I’m hungry.

4 Responses to “Post-Meeting”

  1. b Says:

    So I’m off the hook, huh?

  2. jsp Says:

    You are indeed, at least until I come up with my next elaborate scheme. Mu-ahahahaha!

  3. moogsy queefbone Says:

    lucky, now when you are a multi billionaire you don’t have to share it with them (instead you can pay for me to fly around on a lazy tour of the world with you. hooray for that)

  4. jsp Says:

    Multi billions? Nah, no need to be greedy. I’d settle for a couple mill. (Hell, at this point a couple thousand. Money’s money.)

    And of course we’ll be going on a lavish trek if I hit the jackpot! Gotta do research for my guide book…

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