Boston Bound?

Awhile ago, I mentioned reading an article by Paul Graham called “How to Start a Startup.” After publishing the article a few weeks ago, Mr. Graham and others started a group to provide early-stage seed money to people who might want to create startups of their own. The initiative is called the Summer Founders Program, and for its inaugural summer the group received 223 applicants for 6-10 slots. (The announcements page helpfully notes “This means the SFP’s acceptance rate will be slightly lower than Harvard Medical School’s, so please don’t be discouraged if your proposal isn’t accepted.”)

The team of B-don and myself was one of those applicants, and I was thrilled to learn an hour ago that we’ve advanced to the next stage. This means that our chances have improved from 1 in 25 to even money. It also means I get a ticket to Boston for the interview process next weekend. I love Boston, so I’m trying to focus on the fact that a trip is reward enough (“It’s an honor just to be nominated.”) And it is, really, because the application process has really helped me to crystallize my thinking.

If we make the cut, it means a summer in Cambridge trying to turn the proposal into a product. If we don’t, well, I’m still pretty pleased we tried.

6 Responses to “Boston Bound?”

  1. john M Says:

    That’s great news John! Congrats 🙂

    Not sure how familiar you are with Boston, but being a Beantown Boy born-n-raised, let me know if you want any restaurant etc suggestions for when you’re in town.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Congratulations! That’s really terrific.

    Maybe you should apply to Harvard Med School while you are at it. You’re on a roll!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Congrats John!!

    You will do awesome. Paul Graham would be crazy not to pick you, oh yeah, and B-don. Remember, if while you are in Boston if you see something that screams me, just go right ahead and get it. I am way proud of you John.


  4. Joel Says:

    Hey, way to go Perkins! Can you let us know what your proposal is? I totally swear I won’t use the information in any sort of industrial espionage capacity.

  5. Birdie Says:

    Honey Baby Boy I am so excited for you. You might want to bring a sport coat with you for the interview-you know, presentation is everything! I am very proud of you. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. Get Gram to start making those novinas now.

    love ya!

  6. cath Says:

    i am so proud of you!
    you’ve been doing your homework and with this kinda progress you’re right on track to that end of may deadline i set you (remember that?!)

    high 5’s all round.
    i promise to eat a brownie in your honour.
    good luck with stage 2… not that you need it of course.
    you are so hot right now!
    lx c

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