Shallow Thoughts of the Day

1. Could there possibly be a more annoying way to write “opportunity” than this:
the words what is opportunityIowa, with 'unity' in italics
I keep wanting to say “op-por-tehyoonity.” (From here.)

2. Who exactly is downloading these AIM icons:
lynette from desperate housewives  rex from desperate housewives  bree from desperate housewives  gardener dude desperate housewives

It’s one thing to love the show, but are you going to pimp it?

3. Could I be any more obviously lazy than to put up filler for a day just to avoid breaking my string?

2 Responses to “Shallow Thoughts of the Day”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Wow! That is all I have to say. Wow! For a day of bad font use and horribly annoying AIM Icons, I think Wow is pretty damn nice.


  2. Dennis Says:

    Actually, Opporchoonity Hiawatha is something creepy you just may want to dig your mits into.

    Have you ever seen the Music Man?

    Well, Clark “Dump My Own Stock While Screaming Buy” McLeod of McLeodUSA fame (think Enron, but where Ken Lay gets away with the goods and glory, sans prison stripes) is behind this wonderful Opporchoonity. He’s Professor Harold Hill. But instead of a boys band, he’s selling broadband to everybody in town. Instead of just asking everyone who wants broadband if they want broadband, he’s convincing city councils to use taxpayer money to buy it. That way, he sells a lot more broadband, even to people who don’t want it!

    Small town Iowans play themselves.

    It would be a riot if I didn’t actually live in this state. We have a saying here: “Burn me we once, shame on you. Burn me twice, HEYyyy! OUch! That hurt.”

    We are scrambling to get burned by this guy not just a second time, but a third! In addition to the McLeodUSA debacle, He’s also the one who foisted a virtually empty $36M/year fiber network on the state to show Barney videos to 1st graders via our own network…because, you know…Public Television doesn’t just broadcast anywhere! Except above ground to any tv in the state, that is.

    Uhm, and if you haven’t seen the Music Man…er…ignore my rant. Thanks!

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