Major E-mail Fuckups in Progress

Okay, yesterday I was able to confirm that at least 3 separate messages were never delivered to me. I put this down to an overzealous server-based spam filter, but now it seems my hosting company reports they have misconfigured a mail server. Rather than delivering mail, it’s been queuing it. As a result, things have gone from bad to worse overnight: Thunderbird now times out, and Pech has confirmed he got a message rejected.

So, if you’re sending to anything other than this domain (which, thanks to the fine folks at easyDNS, has redundant mail servers) I probably didn’t get it. My Gmail account is johnperk /a/ gmail just so you know.

Might be time to go TextDriving

Update [7:00p]: E-mail is starting to trickle in, some of it two days old. Should be back to normal.

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