Cleaning, Nay, Excavating

I spend most of my time in two rooms. One is my bedroom, which is dominated by, aptly enough, a bed, with books on every available flat surface. The other is “the Lab,” which is dominated by computers (presently 5 towers and 2 laptops) and has paper on nearly every surface.

I decided a few days ago that at least one of these rooms should be in some semblance of order. So, slowly, I’ve been sorting through the files in the Lab.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression I’m a packrat. I’m not, but I do have a few bins of the “I’ll deal with that later” sort. Sometimes much later. Thus far, I’ve found:

  • A notice from the District Court of Iowa that I hadn’t cashed a check sent in 2001, and I could get a new one if I executed an indemnity agreement by 15 Oct 04. (Indemnity agreement still attached.)
  • Nearly a year’s worth of unread National Geographic: Adventure magazines. (Thank you, Salon subscription!)
  • A map of Athens, with various things checked off. On the back: a ton of notes, and the formal and informal spellings of my name in Greek.
  • Random ticket stubs, including from an Ani DiFranco concert (Sept 04, MSP) and “The Producers” (May 04, Melbourne)
  • Postcards from the L(afayette) Ron Hubbard birthday celebration in Sydney. (A riot, let me tell you.)
  • A “free month of DVDs” discount card, valid only in the UK.

And that’s in the newer bin! Maybe after I get some of this stuff cleaned up and recycled, I’ll take a picture of my newly de-cluttered workspace. Hmm. Might not want to look for that one for a few months…

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