Joshin’ (or: Knowing Your Audience)

Last year, even though I was lax in updating, this site got in excess of half a million hits. A big portion of that is people who, for some reason, can tolerate my blather on the random topic of the day. For that I thank them!

But there is also another group, a much quieter and less loyal segment. Let’s see if we can guess what they’re after by taking a glimpse at some of yesterday’s top search words:

#reqs: search term
  -----: -----------
   28: hot guy
   23: sexy guy
    9: sexy ass
    7: david beckham
    7: hot guy pics
    5: cute guy
    3: sexy beckham
    3: hot guy pictures
    3: david beckham bed
    1: gigolo 2 bittorrent[...]

Don’t worry, I’m going to block the IP of that last wacko. But you see what I mean. These people crave their cute sexy-ass hot guys, preferably David Beckham (and if a bed’s involved so much the better!)

So for these poor, underserved souls, I present skater Josh Wald (liberated from here):
sexy naked hot guy with a skateboard
Faceless masses, feast your eyes on that face, those abs, that tattoo.

For the rest of you, I’ll be less gay tomorrow. Peace.

3 Responses to “Joshin’ (or: Knowing Your Audience)”

  1. Irvin Says:

    What up

  2. mallika Says:

    nice look i wanna suck

  3. JAK Says:


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