Now It’s Just Getting Silly

Been back in Sydney for almost a week now, and it’s been going great. (The weather is lovely.)

This evening Si, Keef and I went for the famous Anglo-American pub quiz that we’ve won in the past. After the quizmaster announced we’d tied for second, we decided to adjourn to another pub.

Selecting this second establishment was no mean feat, as I first had to veto Keef’s suggestion of a skanky place (we’d been there before), then organize a mutiny of a second place after the bartender failed to provide us with prompt, courteous service.

I bore you with these details only to emphasize that it was a series of choices that brought us eventually to the pub we settled on. And it was there, some hours on, that I thought a guy leaning against the wall with a beer looked quite familiar. Lo and behold, it was “Li’l” Jon, a guy I lived with in Swansea.

So for those keeping score at home, this now means that I ran into someone from college in Cairns, friends from Fiji in Brisbane, and now a former schoolmate in Sydney.

At this rate, by April I should run into someone I met in Morocco. Stay tuned.

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