Gray Day

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who launched his successful candidacy last summer on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” headed back to the late-night platform Monday with Gray Davis, the man he ousted in California’s historic recall election.

The appearance by the Republican Schwarzenegger and Davis, a Democrat, was meant to promote Schwarzenegger’s $15 billion bond measure to reduce the state’s debt. — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis appear together on Leno

First Arnold announced his candidacy on Leno, now he and his predecessor go back to the show for a major policy announcement. Does this strike anyone else as a bit odd? Why does the governor of California need to go on entertainment television? Perhaps for the same reason Bush did Oprah — high-profile, low-risk. (Though kudos to Dave Letterman for being one of the tougher Bush interviewers in ’00.)

Why do voters tolerate this?

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