Otway Fly

A short detour off the Great Ocean Road took me to the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk, a 600 meter steel walkway high (9-47 meters) above the forest floor. I’d first learned about the concept when I read Bill Bryon’s glowing account of his visit to the tree top walk in WA. As there are just 3 steel canopy walks in the world (all in Australia; the third is in Tasmania) I knew a detour would be worth it.

And it really is something to see. At ground level, the trees (the Otway Ranges, part of a cool temperate rainforest with an average of 2m of rainfall annually) are massive and seemingly all the same:

Parallel trunks, reaching to the sky

Twenty-five meters later, you’re much more aware of the different trees that make up the canopy…

Variety of tree tops

…even as you’re dodging some of them to get along the path!
Limb hanging near path

(The brochure notes “The Fly is designed to have little impact on the fragile rainforest.” That’s nice, but what about the recent logging in the area?)

I found the walkway very secure and firm, with perhaps a slight give. Or, as the flyer puts it: DON'T GET A SHOCK, THE WALKWAY IS MEANT TO ROCK. Yet it seemed so stable, it’s a surprise when you get back to the ground, look up, and realize how high you were:

Looking up at feet on walkway

See also the pictures on The Fly’s website.

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