Another Day, Another Airport

I love the Qantas safety video because during the evacuation portion, it warns to pay attention to exit locations, as you’ll “almost certainly” be seated in a different seat each time you fly.

I’m the reason for that “almost.” On Qantas 737-400s (i.e., those used for Cityflyer) I fly 14C. On Virgin Blue 737s (the newer ones, which unlike the Q aircraft have a hinged exit hatch and not a “throw out” one) I sit in 12C.

I know this because it’s my business to know, just as I can recite the qualifications for emergency exit row seating* in my sleep.

I’m getting to my next airport via a mode of transportation I haven’t yet tried. More on that later.

* Varies by country, but generally: must be able to lift 20kg without injury, able to follow written/spoken instructions given in English, at least 15 years of age, and without hearing or vision impairments (save those corrected by contact lenses/glasses.)

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