Off to the South Sea

They say there is “Fijian time,” which runs +/- 30 minutes to regular time. It also seems there is some Fijian customer service, which is on a lag of a few days.

I’d originally booked 3 nights on islands and then 2 nights on a boat, but I decided to mix it up and add another island and a day cruise. So I used the radio telephone (a total trip!) to call from the Yasawas to the office of the tour company. Then I was told to get on the cat and explain the details to the woman there, which involved a ship-to-shore call. The next day, aboard another boat, someone called the captain’s cell phone trying to reach me. Then finally, on the way home, new friends from the islands somehow persuaded the captain of their ferry to radio mine. (That was also fun: “Passenger John Perkins, please come to the wheel room.” So I went up and was ushered into a room marked “Crew Only,” where the captain conveyed the message.)

Anyway, the moral is you can get what you need done, but be prepared to be persistent. Oh, and just when you think you’re the least reachable, you’ll be proven wrong.

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