Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I actually made it to breakfast, and I’m glad I did: it was a slice of papaya, served on a palm frond, with a piece of lime for color. At least I thought it was for color, but then when I was advised to squeeze the lime on the melon, I certainly enjoyed the tang it brought to the party.

Not much else of note, as I just lazed around, working on the tan. At dinner, George favored me with tips on where to go in Thailand, one of his favorite countries (he’ll be making his eleventh trip there in January.) I took some notes and used the opportunity to ask him about some of his other journeys, which included Nepal, Tibet (through the back door — the Chinese government had been refusing entry with a line saying “accomodation was not up to Western standards”), Bhutan and other exotic locales.

I mentioned the place that’s currently at the top of my list, and wouldn’t you know it, he’d been there… in 1993! (I was consoled by the fact he said it was fantastic — one of the top two trips he’s ever taken.)

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