DVD Differences List

A few days ago I was able to snag a DVD of an excellent film, Y Tu Mamá También, at a most welcome $9.99. Of course, like any self-respecting film buff, I picked up the unrated version.

There seems to be more and more of these dual releases entering the marketplace. Though I never feel confusion over which version to buy, I do wonder just how much they differ. I know, for example, that in Todd Solondz’ Storytelling, the “rated” version differs only in that one scene contains a large black box. This is easy to determine because both versions are on a single disc, and run-times are identical. But what of other flicks?

What we need is a resource that compares versions. It’s not merely of interest for those slightly off-the-beaten-path titles I’ve mentioned above. There’s also Old School, Road Trip, and American Pie for the more popularly-minded crowd.

There are clearly people out there with the time to do it.

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