The Bimbos

Gentle reader, allow me to introduce you to the model girls. (Should you wish to see these ladies in, ahh, context, you may click for a larger image.)

girl crouching and smiling, cropped digital cameras in upper right  girl holding out her hand toward Xbox and games  girl with hands in jeans, head tilted towards an LCD panel

They come from “buy magazine,” the “magalogue” from This approach to drive traffic to an e-comerce site has been done before and is worthy of discussion. So is the use of quasi-editorial à la A&F Quarterly.

Of course, at the moment I have no interest in those discussions. I’m just fascinated by how gratuitous these girls are. A few other girls in the catalog actually pretend to use the products, but most are just eye candy. Why? Does this drive sales? Are customers overwhelmingly (straight) males? Does anyone actually believe that getting a Palm Zire will in any way get a hot chick in a cowboy hat to write her phone number on it, as page 32 suggests? What do women think of all this?

It was at this point that I was going to launch into a mini-rant about the use of pretty people to dress up just about anything. Then I realized why I opened the damn thing in the first place. So I’ll just shut up now.

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