I Needed That

Just went to see the flag co. boys for whom I do some work on occasion. The brothers who run the firm are very laid back, but today I locked horns with one (intellectually speaking, of course.)

When I dropped the phrase “white bread Republican,” it was off to the races. He did all the Reaganite greatest hits: Entitlements Are Out of Control, Taxes Will Suffocate Us, Let Me Invest My Retirement Money, Let’s Drill in Alaska, and of course that old classic, Bill & Hillary Clinton Are Satan Incarnate.

It would be in poor taste to brag, but I have to say I gave as good — better than — I got. I pulled out all the stops, from mentioning essential agencies established through liberal initiatives (FDA, SEC, FDIC), to bashing the war on Iraq and dependency on the petrochemical cartel, through to a question of what exactly the Clinton Administration cost nearly $80 million”>$40 million we spent on Starr brought us other than the revelation that yes, the president didn’t want to admit an ugly intern sucked his dick. (Seems like a poor value, especially when compared to the widespread, systematic criminal activity uncovered from the $50m Iran-Contra probe.)

Anyway, I won’t rehash any more but suffice to say we had an enjoyable go-round and the secretaries just loved it. One actually asked me if I would be her brother’s divorce lawyer. The other said she’s been trying to make the same point for years, and now she didn’t think her boss would ever be the same.

Just before I left, the guy predicted that within 10 years I would be a Republican. It would happen soon after I entered the work force, he said. I flashed back to a claim Brandon once made that if it “weren’t for that one issue” I would be a Republican now. My dear employer will learn what B-don has long since divined: there’s no way in hell I’ll ever join Club Conservative Christian.

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