My First Random Keyword

The overwhelming majority of this site’s visitors break down into two groups: people who know me and people who type in the URL on speculation that it has something to do with a certain Web technology that will continue to remain nameless.

I don’t get too many visitors from search engines. I run an analysis program every now and again to keep track, and up until 24 Dec the only Google queries used by visitors were “”, “”, and “jsperkins”.

Then came a surprise: an AOL user clicked through 7 pages of results for the phrase “tanned boys” and then picked my site. (It occurs here, but Google actually served up the archive for the month.)

I’m sure (s)he was disappointed.

It all reminds me of summer 1999, when I did my original site with daily updates and Infoseek threw up a warning for some of my pages. The offending item then was my use of the phrase “emotional pornography.”

A postscript: If I note that B-don‘s latest e-m to me carried the subject line “Suckee-suckee,” I wonder if I’ll eventually find a search for that in my logs…

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