And if you thought that was weird…

Two more class presentations this week, both on Thursday. Tomorrow is prep for the more important one, so I wanted to review a related videotape in advance.

I turned on the TV and was ready to insert the cassette when I heard a woman: “I work when I choose to, and for just a few hours a day I can make $10,000 a week. That’s good money.” Sure it is, the host agreed.

The channel was very fuzzy (the antenna amplifier was off) but I knew an infomercial when I heard it. The outlandish claim of $10k/wk inspired me to turn on the amp to see the magic product. (I could just barely discern a logo’s outline in the lower left. Was it Carleton Sheets? Don Lapre?)

Nope. It was some weird-ass talk show called The Rob Nelson Show. Her “work”? Legalized prostitution.

Promos for the following segments included a woman who would run over her mother for $1m (surprise guest: her mother), and a man raising money on his website to chop off his own foot. With a guillotine, natch.

I gotta start going to bed earlier.

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