Ash Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another West Wing. I was just able to catch up on the last few episodes in a tape-viewing session with Matt. I see the question of who will replace Mr. Lowe has been answered, and I’m bullish on Lily Tomlin (if I can even use that word without it sounding like a horrible pun.)

I did have one question about the last episode, related to an exchange between Donna and whomever Christian Slater is playing: Donna complained that Pentagon procurement was way out of control, giving the example of a $300 ashtray. (Iowa Senator Charles Grassley actually rose to prominence on this issue.)

Slater‘s character smoothly fields it, noting that on impact, the super-ashtray would break into 3 smooth chunks instead of millions of sharp shards. (No word on what superpowers the $76 screw has.)

Donna failed to ask the simple follow-up question: why the hell are you smoking on a submarine, anyway?

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