Tuesday is Screwed Day

Didn’t get all the fun with the quiz wrapped up until about 2.30 last night. Debbie came over and I did mine, finishing around 12.30 (he allowed 3 hours) and then let her take over the computer. Kelly called around 11.45 (got the number from my parents that night (!)) and said she was doing it as well.

So of course I was just too tired to go to that class this morning.

I got up about 11 and did some prep for a meeting with Critchlow at 2.30. The site is long finished, but he wanted assistance with various matters. Our meeting was productive, but I was distracted throughout: before leaving, I got an e-mail saying the professor from yesterday (Chadwick) was available after 3.30. (This was in reply to my note.) I, of course, fully intended to go over and have it out.

The encounter went OK, I suppose. I started with: “I want to know what happened Monday and why you think your reaction was appropriate and proportional.” We shared our points of view. He told me the areas where he thought I needed to improve and I returned the favor. Annoying psychological element: no chair in his office. I had to stand while he looked up at me over his computer. Oh well, at least I’m fucking tall.

Following that exchange, I went out for drinks with a friend. Though I anticipated it would be a laid-back, relaxing time (which it was, by and large), the friend shared a view of our friendship that was significiantly different from my own. It was more than a little unsettling.

I returned to the apartment about 9 in an unhappy mood. I was ready to watch Seinfeld at 10, but I received several phone calls that had me lying on the floor talking to various girls for more than 2 hours.

Oh, did I mention I have a paper due for Chadwick in 10 hours? Haven’t started.

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