Monday Ain’t Fun Day

Well, are we having fun yet? No. Let’s hit the lowlights of my day.

We begin with 574, where an otherwise pretty good class ends on a low note when the professor launches a diatribe (capped with a screamed “If it happens again, I’ll rip you a new asshole!”) While the text of the speech included no names (“several people”), he was pointing at me. While I had a part in inspiring the outrage, it was mostly a misunderstanding mixed with the guy’s general instability and lack of professionalism.

Completely distracted by the fact that I tolerated the guy’s offensive and demeaning display, I’m not at all of a mind to go to Stat. Debbie and I bail for the coffee shop, where we have a fairly deep (albeit depressing) conversation about our lives and future.

Debbie leaves for Stat lab, and I go looking for the prof in his office. He’s not there, so I leave a note.

Matt, fresh with car, stops by and we head to Des Moines for dinner. Matt’s in the driver’s seat and I don’t ask. For a brief moment, I think we might go to a certain place we’ve been before. We go somewhere else. (Cheddar’s in Clive.)

I share the drama of the day with Matt. Shortly thereafter, I notice my cup has a lipstick stain on it. I graze it with my thumb, to see if it’s just caked on. It smears immediately. I didn’t want more confrontation, so I thought about ignoring it.

A few minutes later, the manager leaves my table. The now-free lemonade was replaced (waiter: “I double-checked this glass!”) and Matt and I got free cheesecake.

Back at the apartment, I look forward to watching a Seinfeld re-run and just relaxing. After checking my e-mail, I realize I forgot something. My 521 professor: “several students apparently misunderstood that Quiz # 1 would go off line [from WebCT] at 1:00 a.m. [i.e., 21 hours ago] … I have decided to extend the deadline for taking the quiz until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow October 29th.”

Just one more damn thing to do…

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