Where did you get this number?

Thus far, the experiment with an unlisted number has been a qualified success. Other than the fact that my parents have given it out to anyone who asked, I’ve only gotten calls from people that I would like to speak with.

That is, of the people who are actually dialing me. I’ve gotten more than a few for other people. As in:

– I: “Hello?”
– He: “Hi.”
– “Who’s this?”
– “I’m Dan’s gay lover.”
– “OK.”
– “Where’s Dan?”
– “He’s not here.”
– “Why are you answering his cell phone?”
– “This isn’t his cell phone.”
– “Oh. Did I get the number wrong?”
– “Probably.”
– “OK. Well ignore the gay lover thing cuz it’s a secret.”
– “OK. Good luck with that.”
– “Thanks. Bye.”

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