Day 3, and Trouble Already

OK, it was probably bad enough that I started this journal-y thing with a pat on the back for porn at Parks. Now I’ll just finish the job.

After re-reading that first entry, I searched for the book in Amazon (and noticed it has a different cover in their version.) Then I started to trawl through the “you’ll also like” links Amazon provided.

I paused at Exposed because I noticed Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature was available.

I zipped through the 13 pages at speed. I saw no need to pause, as the photos were a bit blah (though nice abs on the page 8 guy.) Then I hit page 12. Now that’s unusual, I thought. Taking the time to make a “not available” graphic? What’s the deal?

I backed up a page and read the last few sentences:

He could be said to be pissing on convention, as represented by the crisp white sheets, but significantly he is also pissing on himself. [emphasis added]

Aha. I think we have an explanation. (Who says there are no taboos left?)

But seriously, it leads me to wonder: how the hell does Amazon get these images? I assume it’s an automated system of acquisition, but what are the criteria for page selection (or rejection)? Did the piss page make the cut and get pulled after a complaint? And for that matter, which books get selected for ‘Look Inside’?

(I’m tempted to ask one of the Marketplace sellers to scan the page and send it to Amazon with a nice “here’s the page you needed!” note. Nah, that’s just too twisted.)

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