In Praise of Libraries

When I went to the counter at Parks this afternoon, I noticed the man behind the counter was flipping through a large, thick, pink book. When he noticed I noticed, he quickly placed it on a shelf labeled “closed stacks.” The cover — a sort of repeated pattern of magnifying bubbles — was so unusual and his behavior so circumspect that I was intrigued.

“What was that?” I asked.

He said it was a book that they “lock up in the basement.” (An exaggeration; some titles have availability listed as ‘Parks Cage,’ which means you must request them at the circulation desk.)

I pressed a bit more and he retrieved it. The book was called The Christy Report, and the pictures are about as explicit as they come. (Which is to say: “hard-core” het adults.)

There are probably those who are shocked and appalled that such a title is available. Personally, I find it yet another refreshing example of libraries reflecting the diversity and maturity of the real world.

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